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Research Values

Do good science, be inclusive, have fun, and never forget the big picture!

We want to emphasize making the lab inclusive to all groups, especially those that have been historically marginalized in academia and the sciences.


The vision of the lab is to train the next generation of scientists that are mindful to the socioeconomic and political context they are working in. We want all of the members of the lab to have a healthy relationship with work and be satisfied by their research activities.

As Plant Microbial Ecologists we can never forget the big picture! The big picture can be related to the direct impacts of the work on agriculture, what it means to the basic science, or how the research can improve the lives of people in the community.

Meet the Scientists

The Favela lab is currently recruiting lab technicians, graduate students, and postdocs!  Check out the join tab for more information! 

Desert Views


Coming Soon! 

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