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Latest News

January 2024 - I had the pleasure of being selected and participating in the 2024 SCIP Sci Comm Identities Project. I feel so incredibly lucky to be part of such an amazing cohort, and keep an eye out for the podcast!

January 2024 - Joining the Graduate Interdisciplinary Program in Ecosystem Genomics as a faculty member. Eager to join this interdisciplinary group of scholars.  

January 2024 - Excited to announce that I will be joining the ranks of the associate editors at Phytobiomes.

January 2024 - The Favela lab is officially up and running! Very excited about this new career journey and future scientific discoveries!

September 2023 - Thrilled to share that a collaborative project accessing Planetary Health public education (K-12) has finally been published in the ProcB! Please check it out! Education in the Anthropocene: assessing planetary health science standards in the USA.

September 2023 - Biorxiv of recent work showing how genetic variation in maize contributes to differential microbiome recruitment, nitrification, and denitrification rates around plant roots.

June 2023 - We our exited to announce that our research on the effects of domestication on the functionally significant N-cycling microbiome of maize has been recognized with a Best Student Paper Award by APS Publications!  We are so grateful to the Phytobiomes editorial board! 

May 2023 - Our review on the application of plant extended phenotypes to manage the ag-microbiome has been accepted at Frontiers in Microbiomes! Check it out! 

April 2023 - Favela Lab website is up-and-running in preparation for starting in the School of Plant Science  at University of Arizona

March 2023 - Loma Ridge Rhizosphere Project started collecting data in the Allison Lab! 

August 2022 - Alonso Started a NSF PRFB recipient at the University of California Irvine with Steve Allison!

July 2022- Saying goodbye to the Kent and Bohn Lab's at UIUC! We will miss you all! 

January 2022 - Press coverage on wild plant microbiomes! Did our ancestors have better microbiomes? For maize maybe!

March 2021 - Blog post I wrote about how maize breeding has altered the maize microbiome.

March 2021 - Press on our research about our quiet corn drama!

March 2018 - SACNAS Group at the UIUC was featured in article talking about scientific community outreach efforts.

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